Food Truck Review: Rim Food Baht

With the coldest June(uary) that Vancouver has seen since 1971, it was truly wonderful to see some sunshine when I woke up this morning. Knowing better than to take it for granted, I was inspired to use my lunch break to wander over to Rim Food Baht (located at Hamilton & Robson) for some authentic Thai cuisine.


There was already an impressive line up by 12:10. As is the case with most food trucks that have just opened, I noticed a significant wait time to put in my order – I cared not one bit. Customers were taking their food with hungry eyes to a ledge at CBC headquarters and sitting in the sun, enjoying food that smelled amazing.


One of the menu items is Fresh Coconut, which I didn’t pay too much attention to until someone ahead of me in line ordered it. It was served in a peeled coconut shell with a little umbrella sticking out of it – drawing oohs and aahs from the lucky lady receiving it. The menu also offers Thai iced tea, made to order (and it was ordered often!)

I ordered the Green Curry Chicken ($6.50) with a substitution of brown rice (+.50). The smell of the coconut and ginger coming from that truck were so amazing, I had no other choice. It was ready within five minutes or so.


My dish was excellent; the sweet coconut provided a great foundation for the spice that was dancing in my throat. The chicken was tender, the rice soaked up the sauce, and given the large portion I was full before I was able to finish. What more could a girl ask for?

Mild confession time: I hate eggplant. I can put my big girl pants on with every vegetable except eggplant. I did try a bite for the sake of science and it was cooked well, full of flavor.

I will be visiting Rim Food Baht again, but will try to arrive before the lunch rush. I waited in line for half an hour. The food, if you find yourself in a similar position and debate leaving, is well worth the wait.


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