Afternoon Delights: Thai Terrace

Of all the places in Vancouver to have a hankering for a snack, Kitsilano has got to be one of the best. Located on West Broadway near Macdonald, Thai Terrace caught my eye on an afternoon of errands.

Set apart from its neighboring businesses with it’s polished storefront and inviting Specials board, I went in with my sister around 3:30pm and found an empty restaurant. Our server (the only one working at the time) gave us a warm welcome and invited us to sit anywhere we liked.


The interior was warm and inviting on that cloudy afternoon. A cursory look at the menu showed many comfort food options – some I had never heard of before. Alas, I was not feeling adventurous and instead stuck to dishes that I consider to be prime comfort food.

To Start: Vegetable Spring Rolls ($6.00)


 Light and crispy with bean sprouts, vermicelli noodles, and vegetables these were a perfect sharing option. The sauce was not anything I’ve tasted before, it reminded me of a plum sauce with the addition of red chili.

Next, we both ordered the same thing: Red Curry with chicken ($9.95,) though we could have had beef or tofu instead. Rice has to be ordered extra, which didn’t make a lot of sense to me but also did not break the bank at $1.50. In my mind, if they serve authentic Thai Cuisine and authentically, curries are served over rice, then one would think that simply charging $11.45 for the whole thing would be better, if indeed one serving of rice should cost that much. Vegetarians should also note that ordering the tofu version does not make the dish completely vegetarian, seeing as how the standard red curry paste contains shrimp paste (fermented and ground shrimp mixed with salt.)



Mild rant aside, the curry was delicious. Coconut milk balanced the sweet tang of the curry, the chicken was moist, the portion was generous, the bamboo shoots provided a nice crunch, and there was an addition of lemongrass to the curry that I found very enjoyable. Unfortunately, the rice was cold when it arrived. No matter, I mixed it directly into the bowl and that seemed to solve the issue. This is a filling dish, and I enjoyed the leftovers.

Our server was attentive and welcoming despite a few more parties arriving while we ate, and the food arrived fairly quickly. I will return, perhaps to try a more adventurous menu option.

Happy Eating,


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