Lunch, Perfected: YEW Restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel

I’d made reservations at YEW Restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel as a treat and a fine end to a Girl’s Day last week. If you plan on going around lunch time, I would recommend reserving a table as I did, because the restaurant was teeming with people by 12:30!

Complimentary warm biscuits were brought to our table with butter that was topped with sea salt, a touch I really appreciated since the rosemary in the biscuits reacted very well with it.


I have an odd obsession with seafood chowders and this day was no exception. The cod chowder intrigued me, as the menu mentioned that it contains local seasonal fruit – how could I not order it?


The cod was beautifully moist, the creamy soup wonderfully smooth, and to my delight there were blueberries alongside corn and potatoes in the soup. The fennel and blueberries were a wonderful pair. Each touch of my spoon seemed to draw out more of a purple color to the chowder. The only drawback with this dish would be that the soup was not very hot. A beautiful touch were the dried apple slices, which brought together with the chowder made this feel like an Ode to Autumn.

Next, we shared the Crab Tacos. I cannot express enough how refreshing these were – the crab seemed almost fluffy, the crushed avocado was amazing, and the crispy won tons were firm enough to hold it all together.


 The Boss’ mom ordered the Lobster Pasta for her main – she was so happy with it. She could not get over how much lobster was on her plate, and said that she’s never had lemon creme fraiche incorporated into a pasta dish. I tried some, and she was right. It lent a refreshing component to what could have been a heavy tasting fettuccine dish. Still, she took half of it home since she wanted to save room for dessert.


 Lobster struck me as a good choice too, so I ordered the YEW Cobster – a whole chilled lobster, served with goat cheese, avocado, a honey lime dressing, a six minute egg, prosciutto, and butter lettuce. I loved my salad, simple as that. The presentation was stunning, the lobster was so fresh, and I loved the goat cheese inclusion. My one and only drawback with this salad was that the menu mentioned a 6 minute egg – when I make these, the yolk is still runny and I was looking forward to that ooze. My dining companion wanted this salad but also thought the yolk would be runny and she does not like soft yolks, so she did not order it and was jealous when my salad arrived. Nonetheless, the egg in my salad was delicious and I am only mentioning it in the interest of honesty.


The Boss’ mom is a dessert fiend. Oh, I tried to protest. No, Mama, I can’t. I don’t have room. Please, you go ahead and order something, I’ll just have a bite. Yeah, right! She twisted my rubber arm and we ordered Cherries & Chocolate for Two. Amazing. Again, presentation was superb and the cherry ice cream was silky enough to have been a sorbet. The cherry compote was just sweet and tart enough to pair well with the chocolate cheesecake. I am more of a savory girl than a sweet girl, yet even I could not stop eating this.


I must devote some space in this post to the impeccable service we received. Our shopping bags were checked at the hostess desk, so as not to crowd our table. Our hostess Rachel made sure to let our server know that we had been shopping all morning, at which point he suggested cocktails (yes.) Even servers that were not in our section were smiling, cheery, and polite. How refreshing, when my dining experiences of late have left me feeling there was something to be desired.

 I will be back. Not only does Ned Bell provide wonderful food, the staff at YEW Restaurant make sure that all of their guests have a great experience. To have every staff member equally committed to this endeavor could be their greatest  success.
happy eating,

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