Save On Meats: Epic Lunch

I was, until today, a Save On Meats virgin. I’ve seen the Diners, Drive Ins and Dives showcase, I’ve heard rave reviews, it just seemed slightly inaccessible. (It’s not true, I’m just encased in a work bubble in the Downtown Core.) Today I went on a solo adventure to see for myself what the buzz was about. I fell in love with the sign immediately:


I walked in and was happy to see that both the booths & bar were teeming with people. I thought knew what I wanted as soon as I sat down: Turkey Pot Pie. I made the mistake of scanning further, though, and saw that I could get one piece of fried chicken for $3, and I’m not a fool, of course I ordered it. And a Caesar. What? I was taught that if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right.


Yes, that is pepperoni garnishing my Caesar. No, it did not last more than 3.7 seconds. Delicious.

I love the atmosphere in Save On Meats. Old school signs, bar stools rooted to the ground so well that they would withstand a tornado, friendly staff, and a great vibe.


The wall you see in the above picture is what separates the diner from the butcher shop (I stopped there for some house made sausages and eggs from 60 Mile Farm before I left.)

My food arrived and I was so happy. The pot pie imploded with a slight fork-poke (technical term,) the greens were fresh with a light dressing, and the chicken was perfectly tender on the inside with a great crispy coat. The pot pie was the real star, though. So much turkey, so much creaminess.


I am going back. Not only because the food was wonderful and the vibe was good but because the service is amazing. I even got a “That’s the way to do it” approval nod from a server who noticed my drink. Thank you, Save On Meats, I will see you very soon.

Happy Eating,


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